How To Break The Cycle Of Negative Thinking (Part 1)

In today’s video I want to help you to break the vicious cycle of negative thinking, feeling and behaviour. When you know the parts of the vicious cycle, you can change them – and therefore change the way you feel.

Understanding the S.T.E.P model (covered in the video) will enable you to gain some useful insights to your thinking and begin to address and work through negative emotions such as anger, anxiety and depression.


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  1. Hi Colin,

    True it is the meaning we give to everything that makes us go in positive or negative direction. Great as usual. Thanks for wonderful series. Learning is consistent with you always. 10+

    • Hi Neetha, great to hear from you. Thanks as always for the support 🙂

  2. John

    Colin, Looking forward to viewing video 2. Yep control lies between stimulus and response (Bandura)


    • Agreed John. If we can create a gap we open up new possibilities. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  3. AMN

    Thanks a lot Collin. I like your videos and your way to make this situation simple and easy to handle. I’m here trying to clear my brain from negative thoughts and being stressful and and easy to get angry. I just keep watching your videos with taking notes and will back with inquires if you do not mind.

    Best regards,.

    • I’m delighted my videos are helping. Stay in touch… I’d love to know how you are getting on.

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