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This programme provides the perfect blend between live and digital media coaching. There is more hands-on experience, support and encouragement than pretty much any other programme that’s out there today. You are on this page right now for a reason. I know this 10 week coaching programme is just what you need right now. You can do this. I know that. The question is… do YOU?

What do you

Money? Fame? Your own business? Inner peace? Happiness? Loving relationships? Spiritual fulfilment? Health? Work life balance? More Clients? Is there a, “Yes but…” Welcome to your own RESISTANCE . That’s the part of you who believes you are powerless. It wants you to shrink, to play small and run in the opposite direction of your desires.

I want you to know that’s ok. It’s not your fault. You may not have had someone support you and show the SPECIFIC STEPS you need to take to start your life transformation. You’ve read a lot, heard a lot but no one has taken you by the hand and walked you into your own experience of your true CREATIVE POWER.

All you need to bring to the party is the DESIRE TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE! No matter how big your inner blocks are and how much uncertainty you see in the world, you can create and attract your most right and perfect life now, and I’d like to show you how!

Over 10 weeks I will coach you through my exact 6-STEP PROCESS you can use to create anything you want in your life (Yes, ANYTHING!) Along with five others you are about to discover a PROVEN SYSTEM for breaking out of old patterns that hold you back and create a life that’s based on CLARITY, MEANING AND PURPOSE.

Think about it! How would your life be different if you were living each day in a energised and fully empowered way?


Having run 14 retreats here in Southern Spain I know there is a certain magic about doing this type of work with a group of like minded individuals. It’s certainly more fun than doing it alone!!! When we commit ourselves to any type of change it’s easier in a group setting.

A group provides the perfect community to share learns, celebrate wins, and, most importantly, be held accountable. You can expect the group work to be fun, deep, life-changing and limited to 6 amazing people (no exceptions)


I do accept this programme is not for everyone. Some people are not up for raising their awareness, believing it’s too much hard work. Raising your awareness is not hard work but changing your life does require a FIRM DECISION. Once you do this one simple thing, you’ll signal to the world you are ready and the world will respond. If you canidentify with anything on this list then give yourself the gift to dream because you will begin to experience it as you begin to follow your smile with the schedule I’ve created.

  • You have a sense something is missing and you want help to define it
  • You want a step by step process to improve any or every area of your life
  • You are wanting deep, transformational and lasting change
  • You want to realise your life direction and purpose
  • You want something more in one part of your life – more intimacy or more money


This 10 week coaching programme will provide you with a step-by-step process to improve every area of you life


Getting The Life You Love

Module One: The science behind following your smile

Module Two: How to find your “smile”

Module Three: The 3 part formula for creating the life you love


Intentions into Actions

Module Four: Get clarity

Module Five: Eliminate junk, clutter and drains

Module Six: Set your powerful intention

Module Seven: Access your inner power

Module Eight: Put attention on your intention


Getting Out Of Your Own Way

Module Nine: Take inspired action

Module Ten: Release, relax and attract

As you work your way through the 10 modules you’ll start to make big changes on the inside and happiness and abundance can’t help but find you on the outside. This 10 week programme represents 17 years of my coaching experience meticulously formed into a step-by-step easy to follow high-powered system. Over the 10 weeks you will build momentum to truly create the life transformation you are looking for.


You’ll get clear on how to apply everything in your own life with the Follow Your Smile Tool Kit. So, as you move through the steps together, you’ll gain awareness, clarity, and momentum using the tools I give you in the Tool Kit that accompanies the live group coaching sessions. The Follow Your Smile Tool Kit is digitally downloadable and you can print it out and build yourself a comprehensive manual.


The Tool Kit contains over 7 hours of video training in accessible digital format. Each week you’ll get access to a new module so the programme builds in a step by step way allowing you to integrate the learning at a deep level and feel the energy of the progress you make!


You’ll also get all the training in audio format, and of course – everything is in pdf format as well. Don’t worry we’ve got your preferred learning style covered!


The Tool Kit contains two comprehensive eBooks to aid your personal transformation journey. Each eBook tackles a specific area necessary to living the life you love and each contains questions, worksheets, exercises and case studies to support you in closing the gap between the life you love and the life you are living.


Another powerful element of the Tool Kit is four guided visualisations – The Power To Create, Intention Manifester, Alpha Calm and The Doubt Dissolver. Each one uses Isochronic tone technology. Isochronic tones are considered by far the most effective way of brainwave entrainment. This means you can experience the proven benefits of deep meditation, without spending months (or years) learning how.


Each week for ten weeks we will have a live 60 minute coaching call where I’ll gently nudge you (unless you need a swift kick up the backside!) to hold yourself at your highest good. I’ll push you to play big, step up and grow as you go. I’ll laugh with you. I’ll cheer you on. I’ll hold you accountable and call you from behind the mask if necessary. Above all, I’ll be with you every step of the way.


In addition to the 60 minute weekly calls and action items (ie homework), there will be a private Facebook group for daily check-ins and ongoing support. This is where the power of a mastermind group can make the difference. You’ll get full support from five like-minded individuals who are committed to live a life they love. Unfortunately many of us don’t have friends and family who really understand this work, so it can feel a little lonely when we start to follow our smile. But not in this group! This groups’ energy will get you fired up!


The 10 week programme begins the moment you’ve successfully registered. On your successful registration you’ll be sent a pre-course questionnaire. The questionnaire is an opportunity for you to begin the journey of getting to know yourself at a deeper level, a journey that will continue through and beyond the programme.
This programme provides the perfect blend between live and digital media coaching. There is more hands-on experience, support and encouragement than pretty much any other programme that’s out there today. You are on this page right now for a reason. I know this 10 week coaching programme is just what you need right now. You can do this. I know that. The question is… do YOU?





Take the leap and register for Follow Your Smile Group Coaching Programme by hitting the big blue button below. I’ll be using the principle of first come first served. Remember, this is limited to 6 people (no exceptions!).

This 10 week “Follow Your Smile” programme including all the videos, audio, worksheets, tools, guided visualisations, insights and personal coaching is EASILY worth more than £1,500… even more if you were to work with me one on one… this is a unique chance to get high quality information for a low investment and spend over 10 hours with me and a group of like-minded individuals… and have the Follow Your Smile Tool Kit to use forever!

Grab this chance for ONLY one payment of £295 Or Two easy monthly payments of £175. A 10 Week Programme That Will Last You A LIFETIME

You’ve been ready for this for a long time? Take action NOW and leave the struggle behind once and for all.

My 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

My Personal Hassle Free Peace Of Mind Promise. I know that your time and money are precious resources for you. That is why I want you to know that you are making an excellent choice to join this programme. Here is my promise to you: If however, at the end of the 10 weeks you don’t feel you have got value from the programme, I’ll pay you your money back. No questions asked! You can even keep the Follow Your Smile Tool Kit.


My advice: Invest in yourself TODAY and grab your spot. It’s time to trust yourself and know that once you’ve made the DECISION, the Universe will start re-arranging to unfold perfectly for you… HASN’T IT?

Your success and happiness, my passion and purpose.

Just imagine where you could be in 10 weeks from now. Imagine a life where the word “stuck” is no longer part of your vocabulary. 10 weeks from now you’ll be glad you took the leap and started your life transformation. Any questions, queries or concerns, contact me! I seriously want YOU to be part of this awesome 10 week coaching programme.

Having the support, guidance and a group of similar people can make all the difference. I promise. Now is NOT the time to suffer with the deadly disease excusitis! Email me with your questions:

Dan Casey

I have worked with Colin for several months and he has been inspirational and very helpful in assessing where I am today and where I want to go.  He has guided me in better defining my values and how they should be applied to any future path forward. Colin is a great coach with a lot of experience. He does not have all the answers but  effectively guides you to finding them yourself. He is a pleasure to talk to and work with.

Olivier Lancheze-Beer

I have known Colin for a long time. In that time, I have always appreciated his sound advice and support on an informal basis. When I reached a time in my life when there was a lot of change and a need to take a new direction, I decided to ask Colin for some more formal business coaching. Our sessions on Skype were illuminating. They were exciting, friendly, insightful and thought-provoking. Colin approaches his coaching in a fun, warm, compassionate and practical way…and this great mix is what makes him unique. I would definitely recommend him heartily.

Paul Dalton

Hey Colin, as someone who has been through the Follow Your Smile program, can I just say how delighted I am that you are making it available to even more people. My life has improved in so many ways as a result of time we spent together, and I am convinced that anyone who signs up for this will experience that same kind of value that I did. The world really needs this right now. Smile on.

Honer Lee

I chose “Find Your Smile” partly for the name – a simple action, yet a frame of mind I yearned for. Of course, I’ve heard “smile, and the world smiles back” and that is the nub of this course. The exercises and tools that Colin guided us through, helped me understand my smile was there all the time, to nurture it, let it shine and follow the powerful results. I found my smile, and I am still discovering my smiling world

Valentina Recla

What is truly amazing about Colin, besides the fact that he “really knows his stuff” (and is able to translate it into practices and processes that are easy to understand and implement) are both that he “walks the walk” (rather than just giving advice to others) and that he honestly, deeply cares about his clients on a personal level. I can feel that Colin has a vested interest in my succeeding in life, which I had not experienced working with other professionals in this or similar fields in the past