The overall objective of the retreats and events we run is to inspire you to take your own journey to authenticity and purpose. To live a life that’s consistent with your values and principles. What may be different to what you’ve seen before is we do these events for free! We don’t charge for our time so you get the retreat at cost. All we ask is you donate some money or time to your favourite charity if you feel you got unquestionable value from the experience. You can see below the charities that delegates have donated to so far.

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Project 360 by 60

Although there is a group of us who come together to run the retreats I’ve personal set my own target which I’ve called Project 360 by 60. The aim is to raise £360k by my 60th birthday. That’s 10 years away!!! I’m passionate about helping people find and follow their smile whilst at the same time raising money for charity and it’s my intention to raise money two ways:

1. By running retreats where I give my time freely and request only one thing – at the end, if you feel you’ve got value from the time you have spent on the retreat; you pay an amount of money to your chosen charity.

2. By creating valuable, useful and practical resources to help you be, do and have more whilst raising money for my current charity – Winston’s Wish. Please check out my YouTube Channel and if you find what’s on there valuable and inspiring you might like to donate a minimal fee, say £5.00, to Winston’s wish. Its simple, just click on the link and pledge away!

Winston's Wish

Winston’s Wish supports children following the expected or sudden death of their mother, father, brother or sister. Recognised as a leading authority on the provision of child bereavement services across the UK, it is also the largest provider of bereavement services for children in Europe. Charity Registration No 1061359


Morocco Retreat

If you have been wondering lately what direction your life should go in but…you are worried, scared or don’t know what you want (Yikes!!!) Let the Finding Your Smile process navigate you to more purpose, passion and possibilities.


Spain Retreat

The retreat is a chance to hit the pause button and reflect on how you have been playing the game in the first half of life, before re-entering to play the second half.


French Retreat

Cette retraite est l’opportunité de prendre le temps, l’espace et l’énergie afin de mieux comprendre la cartographie de votre vie; de découvrir la voie qui vous conduira à un voyage plein de sens et de bonheur.