Setting Goals, Self Motivation and Subconscious Mind Control (Part 2)

In the first video I shared how to set goals with a 1-3-5-7 formula but writing out your personal goals properly is just the beginning! The real secret to goal achievement is Influencing the subconscious mind.

The one thing high achievers have in common is the mastery of their mindset and the most direct path to developing such mental mastery is to get to grips with how your subconscious mind works.


The large majority of challenges you have in your life are a direct result of the programming in your subconscious mind.

Let me explain…

If you’re carrying more weight than you want, it’s because your subconscious mind has a program for you to eat the wrong type of foods and it says “NO!” to doing any type of exercise. Meanwhile your conscious mind knows you should eat healthily and get enough exercise every week.

So when there is a inner battle between subconscious and conscious minds who wins? Your subconscious mind punches your conscious mind out of the ring every day of the week. It’s a KO for the subconscious all the time. It’s not even a real contest!

Here’s the deal –  The conscious mind selects the goal. The subconscious selects the action. You need both of them to be in alignment and working together for the best results to happen.

Once the subconscious mind is engaged, you will be capable of maintaining your motivation to get to your goal. You will naturally find consistent action will happen more easily when you tap into the power of your subconscious mind.

“Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.”
– Earl Nightingale

When setting personal goals it’s critical to get them deeply seated in your subconscious mind and the three techniques I share in this video will greatly assist.

Here is what you will learn in video #2

    • The golden rule of goal achievement (1 out of 100,000 people really understand this)
    • What traditional goal setting misses (this is why most people fail)
    • The three P’s of subconscious mind control (insider information for my readers)

It’s time to hit the play button!

Here is the well written goal statement example I promised in the video:

My Ideal Body

Today is November 30th 2013 and I’m feeling much younger, more confident and gratified. I’m more flexible, nimble and fluid in my everyday body movements.

My trousers are sized 32 and my medium shirts are fitting, flattering and comfortable. I am stronger and walk upright all the time because of my core strength and even my wife is commenting on how much better I look. I have a lot of energy, vitality and can run freely and keep up with my kids. I’m now able to bend at the waist, touching my forehead to my knees – and if I feel like it, I am confident to walk around with my shirt off. My cholesterol levels are healthy and my weight is at and will stay at 175 lbs

The reason why I’m this way for me – I feel better, I’m more disciplined, I look better, I’m more confident – I’m ‘me’. I’m also doing this for my family so I can live longer, be more present mentally and physically with my children and wife and to be more enjoyable to be around – ultimately setting a good example for my children. For those around me, I can now contribute more due to my energy, being more fun to be with and of greater service to my clients.

I’m sure you can see the elements I covered in video #1 and ‘P’ number one in this goal statement. If you couple this with the two other ‘P’s’ in this video, you have a very powerful goal setting formula. You certainly stack the odds in your favour.

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  1. 10+

    • Perfect! Thanks Neetha

  2. Bethany Brookbank

    This is awesome! Your changing my life. 🙂

    • Wow! Thanks Bethany. Pleasing to hear the videos are making a difference in your life. Stay tuned… more good stuff on the way 🙂

  3. Andrea

    Hi Colin
    You might choose to edit your goal. The phrase ‘even my wife’ seems to indicate there are Darker Reasons behind becoming a Body Beautiful!

    Personality-wise, I am strongly Solitary, so I don’t have much in the way of connections to any accountability groups. I am task and mission-oriented. In what ways could the model you have offered be adapted to suit me?

    • Hey Andrea, the goal is a slightly edited version of one of the mind power academy members. I don’t feel its my job to comment on certain words as I couldn’t possible understand the dynamic of a relationship. I trust the words used mean something to person. Re your accountability question, maybe you don’t need it? Not everyone does! If, however you were struggling to achieve a goal I would recommend giving it a try as it can and does make a difference.

  4. jeree

    Thanks very much.Your videos are very informative.

    • Awesome – thanks for the support 🙂

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