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How To Break The Cycle Of Negative Thinking (part 2)

In the first video on how to break the vicious cycle of negative thinking we looked at the link between thoughts, feelings and behaviours and how each one affects the others.

In today’s video we will look more closely at breaking the vicious cycles by targeting the behaviours associated with particular problems. Very often we react automatically, without considering our actions or the consequences of them.

We will learn how to choose healthy alternative behaviours by using one of my favourite models – it’s called P.A.C.E.S (you can download a copy of it below the video).

How To Break The Cycle Of Negative Thinking (Part 1)

In today’s video I want to help you to break the vicious cycle of negative thinking, feeling and behaviour. When you know the parts of the vicious cycle, you can change them – and therefore change the way you feel.

Understanding the S.T.E.P model (covered in the video) will enable you to gain some useful insights to your thinking and begin to address and work through negative emotions such as anger, anxiety and depression.

Lessons In Happiness From Little Mystics

Before you read this article I need to give you some background. This was written as part of a book I’m writing for my boys Sonnie and Herbie. They are now 14 and 17 but this article takes us back to when they were very young. 

As a parent I decided to document all the lessons they both taught me about happiness, forgiveness, being in the now, my ego, my contradictions – to name a few! 

I soon realised they were both sent to me to be the finest teachers on the planet. Both perfectly matched to give me the exact lessons I needed to live a more spiritual and loving existence.

I can honestly say I didn’t expect that when they were born.

Please comment if you enjoyed this article and if you would like to read more of my lessons. I didn’t really plan to share it publicly but I could be persuaded if you see it as valuable and helpful. I’m sure the boys (teachers) won’t mind either :))


Down on my knees I am screwing on the hinges of a door for my little boy’s new wardrobe. Frustratingly this simple project of putting up a flat pack wardrobe has already taken up most of the morning!


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